Steps To Recover Lost Google/Gmail Account

Probably the biggest issue people have with their Gmail accounts is loosing the password. In fact, this is the number 1 problem, not just with Gmail, but all email services. This issue has been bothering users since the first days of the internet. That’s not a surprise, given the fact that in order to have a secure password, you need to make it long and complicated. That way, the hackers won’t be able to crack it.

Speaking of the hackers, sometimes they are responsible for this issue. Some people lose their Google accounts to hackers who get a hold of them through all sorts of phishing schemes. Whatever the reason might be, if you’re without the access to your Gmail account, it can cause you a lot of problems. Luckily, Gmail support Ireland can help you get it back easily!

Still, sometimes getting the account back is so easy that you don’t even need to contact Gmail Ireland. The case we’re talking about is when you’ve activated the 2-step verification. If that’s the case, you can get your account back by asking a new password through your smartphone. Alternatively, if you’ve connected your primary Gmail account with a recovery email, you can get it back that way. Also, if you remember the answers to the security questions that you set while setting up the account, you will be able to recover it this way.

But, if you had done those things, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a solution here. The chances are that you need to get back the password by some other method. You can go to the page of Gmail account recovery and try getting back your account by entering some details that you’ve shared with Google. The service might ask you to provide a list of emails to which you sent messages lately. They can even ask you your personal details, like your date of birth and hometown.


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