How to Change Gmail Account Recovery Number & Email?

As lost password is one of the most common problems the Gmail users face, it is very important to take necessary measures in time. By this, we mean that you need to make sure never...

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How to Recover Deleted Gmail Email Messages?

When you delete the messages from your Gmail Inbox, they will not disappear from the face of Earth, at least not right away. For 30 days, after you delete them, the messages will stay...

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How to Turn On 2-Step Verification in Gmail?

If you are looking to activate the 2-factor verification for your Gmail account, we need to say good choice! This way, you will add extra security to your email account, making...

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How to set up a Gmail Contact, Calendar, email on iOS or Android?

A great thing about Gmail is that this email service can be used on almost any device. You can access it via your PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. It also doesn’t matter...

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