Steps To Restore Deleted Email From Gmail Account

When you delete the messages from your Gmail Inbox, they will not disappear from the face of Earth, at least not right away. For 30 days, after you delete them, the messages will stay in the Trash folder. Of course, if you want to delete them permanently, you don’t have to wait almost 1 month – you can do it right away by emptying the trash folder.

Still, we advise you not to do it. Emails don’t take too much space, so instead of deleting them, you can move the messages you no longer need to other folders – Notes, Personal, Travel, etc. You can even create a new folder for old messages. This way, you will avoid the trouble that can occur if you accidentally delete the emails you need.

But, even that is not a cause for big concern. You can get back the deleted messages easily. If 30 days haven’t passed since you deleted them, you can simply go to the Trash folder and find the messages you need. If there are too many emails in the Trash folder, you can find the one you need by using the search option. Once you find it, just move it back to the Inbox.

How to Move a Deleted Email from Trash to Inbox?

If you just need to read the deleted email again, you can do that in the Trash folder. But, if you want the email back in the Inbox, here is how to do it:

  • Find the message in the Trash folder
  • Tick the box to the left of the email title
  • Several options will appear above, including Delete forever and Move to
  • Open the “Move to” drop down menu, which has the icon resembling a folder
  • Click on “Inbox”in the drop-down menu

What To Do if You Need an Email that’s Permanently Deleted?

The bad news is that if a message gets deleted permanently from the Trash folder, you won’t be able to get it back on your own. The good news is that Google still has it on its servers. So, in order to get the message back, you need to ask us for help. Our advice is to give a call at our independent Gmail support phone number Ireland +353-217319496.


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