How to Activate Gmail 2 Step Verification?

If you are looking to activate the 2-factor verification for your Gmail account, we need to say good choice! This way, you will add extra security to your email account, making it almost impossible for the hackers to steal it. Another advantage of doing this is that if you forget your password, you will be able to retrieve it in just a few simple steps. In fact, once the 2-step verification process is done, the chances that you’ll need the help from our Gmail technical support Ireland team.

What is the 2-Step Verification in Gmail?

This method of protection is one of the most ingenious ways to keep your account safe, yet to still be able to use Gmail easily. Basically, this way you will connect your Gmail account with your smartphone. So, every time you login to your Google account, you will need to enter your password, but also the verification code, which you will receive on your smartphone.

Also, if something suspicious happens with your account, you will receive a notification on your phone. For example, if someone tries to access it from a suspicious IP address, the service will send you a message, notifying you about that.

How to Set Up?

The main reason why not everyone is using the perks of this Gmail feature is that they feel it might be complicated. But, believe us – it is not! Activating the 2-step verification is quite easy, as all you got to do is type in your number and confirm it on your phone once the message arrives. Of course, if you run into some problems while doing the activation, you can always ask the experts for help. People from tech support are at your disposal, so feel free to call the Gmail support Ireland.


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